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Solatube whole house comfort
House TOO HOT?
Quiet Whole House Fans will slash your AC bills and keep your home cool.
• Replace hot, stale air with cool, fresh air
• Save on air conditioning costs
• Quiet operation
• At participating dealers
Whole House Fans
Dark Spaces?
Tubular Daylighting is great for brightening hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms, etc...
• Save 30% up to $300 Tax Credit- ENDING SOON!
• Free consultations with same day installation available
Tubular Daylighting
HOT Attic?
Solar Powered Attic Fans are a perfect way to beat the heat.
• Save 30% up to $300 Tax Credit- ENDING SOON!
• Available for all roof types
Garage Like a Sauna?
Beat the heat with our quiet garage fans.
• Powered and Solar solutions available
• Save 30% up to $300 Tax Credit- ENDING SOON!
Garage Fans
What's cooler than a whole house fan?
The fact that we now offer installation, starting with a free in-home consultation.
Solatube's New Whole House Fan
Add form to function
Glass decorative fixtures available only from Solatube
Add form to function with Decorative Fixtures

Welcome to Sunlight Concepts!

We’ve been bringing daylight indoors to Northern California Bay Area homeowners just like you for more than 15 years. Why? Quite simply, we believe everyone deserves to have more sunshine in their lives.

Friendly experts that come to you

As the only company with a team of dedicated daylighting experts, we make it our aim to know more about daylighting than anyone else. During a free, in-home consultation, one of our factory-trained Certified Installation Consultants (CICs) will provide answers to questions like…

  • Which model is right for my needs? 
  • What is the best placement in my room? 
  • How many systems do I need?
  • How long is installation going to take? 
  • How much will all this cost? 
  • Why does my dog keep licking you? (That one’s easy: our CICs are nice.)

Finally…home improvement without the hassle

After customizing the best lighting solution for you, we can install it the same day. If you’re not quite ready to decide, that’s okay too. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable home improvement experience.

Click here for directions to our showroom

Naturally bright, happy homes

Over and over, customers have told us that switching to natural light changed their lives for the better. The only complaint? They wish they’d done it years earlier. Don’t make the same mistake. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can have a brighter, happier, more beautiful home.

Please visit our showroom at:

1130 Walsh Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Click here for directions.

Showroom Hours

Sat: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Read Our Blog

Jan 23, 2019
Solar tube is a wonderful product. The quick professional service by Sunlight concepts exceeded my expectation. If you love sun light, this product for you.
Dec 6, 2018
This the third sunlight tunnel that Sunlight Concepts have installed in our house along with a solar attic fan and we are extremely pleased with the result. I highly recommend their products and Muhammed the installer explained the newest installation process step by step.
Jul 5, 2018
Very friendly and helpful in selection of a whole house fan for my home. Extremely easy to work with and my fan was available in less than a week.
Nov 20, 2017
My experience with Sunlight Concepts has been very good! The customer representative answered all my queries and the team that came to install the fixtures were just as attentive in addressing my concerns. Very pleased with the overall quality of their work!
Nov 4, 2017
The quality of the work is excellent and I was very impressed by teh customer service as well. Highly recommend them!
Sep 18, 2017
The customer service was excellent as was the quality of the work provided. I would definitely recommend them!
May 25, 2017
Love the solatube daylight, great product professional installation. Highly recommend Sunlight Concepts
Mar 24, 2017
We converted a part of our basement into an office for my work-from-home husband but didnt figure on how dark it would be. Of course we put in enough lighting but artificial lighting made my husband depressed. I decided to gift him a Solatube Daylighting System but was wondering how to fit it into the dC)cor. I spoke with the daylighting expert from Sunlight Concepts who came to make an assessment and he had the perfect solution. Now we have installed a 160 DS which has transformed the room. Weve fitted it with an OptiView lens, a decorative fixture which delivers daylight and a spectacular view of the sky. My husband reckons its boosted his productivity.
Feb 24, 2017
In our new home which we moved into last year, we installed one of Sunlight Concept
Feb 24, 2017
A Dark Passage The passage leading to our master bedroom was always dark and gloomy. Most times we left the light on but that was only adding to our energy bills. Then I called Sunlight Concepts who sent one of their daylighting experts to our home. He suggested a Solatube Daylighting System with a dome fixed on our roof. We decided to go ahead. Installation was easy and took only three hours. What an amazing difference it has made ever since. And the best part is it?s all free ? our energy bill has come down.