An Attic Fan Doesn’t Just Blow Out Hot Air

Everyone has a cause or causes they advocate for. Talking about causes is easy. Where a lot of people falter is when it comes to acting in support of their beliefs. Some issues are, of course, very hard to tackle and require total dedication to make a difference. We admire those who work hard for causes we believe in. For most of us, life often comes in the way of supporting the causes we care about. Work, family and all the other demands on our time leave little space to actively participate.

That said, there is one cause where making a significant contribution requires no time commitment and the small financial outlay is no sacrifice. In fact, it is a great investment that will benefit your home, all those who live in it, the environment around you and your wallet. And this month is the right time to get involved.

The Month of May and the Environment

The month of May has a lot of days dedicated to the protection of our environment.

• To start May is the National Bike Month
• It is also the National Wetlands Month
• May 11 is World Migratory Bird Day
• May 17 is Endangered Species Day
• May 17 is also Bike to Work Day
• May 20 is World Bee Day
• May 22 International Day for Biological Diversity
• May 23 is World Turtle Day
• May 25 is Fish Migration Day

You may not be in a position to go to the Amazon Rain Forest to work for biological diversity or go to a remote island to help turtles and fish migrate. Biking to work may not be a practical proposition. That does not mean that there is nothing you can do. What about making your home greener by reducing its carbon footprint? In the process, you can make it a healthier and more comfortable place to live in. All it takes is one phone call. Here’s what you need to know to understand why it’s so important.

The Cost of Ventilation

Keeping your home cool and well-ventilated in summer is a major issue for homeowners in warm climates. The San Francisco Bay Area is one such place. Air conditioning is the norm throughout summer. It does work and it keeps the home comfortable. But at what cost? The increase in utility bills speaks for itself. But the cost is not only in terms of dollars. What about the environmental impact of all the electricity that the AC consumes? The impact may appear to be small, but it does stop your home from being as green as it could be, and like charity, being a green and considerate citizen of the world begins at home.

Another point to consider is the build-up of toxins and pollutants that occurs when the house is closed up to allow the AC to cool effectively. The domestic environment is not what it should be and your family’s environment includes both indoors and outdoors. Exhaust fans can blow out stale air and pathogens, but they also use electricity.

The Solution

Using fans to blow out stale and warm air from the indoors means the house is cooler which in turn reduces the amount of cooling that the AC has to do. This reduces the amount of electricity it consumes. You can get world-class solar powered attic fans that do not use your home’s power supply to run. So not only do the bills not go up, they come down because of the lower air conditioning load. Also, the less the AC runs, the less the amount of maintenance, consumables and spares it needs. All these are a cost to you and producing and providing them also has an environmental cost.

Which Fan?

Solatube is the world leader in solar powered attic fans. The fans are manufactured to the highest quality standards and the company and products reputation speaks for itself. The attic fan is completely solar powered so your electricity consumption does not go up and you even qualify for a federal tax rebate when you buy one. More than this, the fan works to cool and ventilate the house and by doing so, reduces the internal heat load. This means that the AC has less cooling to do and so it consumes less power. So you save on your utility bills and your home is a green and environmentally friendly one.

To find out more and learn how quick and easy installation is, contact Sunlight Concepts. We are the Solatube Premier Dealer for the Bay Area. We will give you a free consultation where all your questions will be answered and the benefits of Solatube attic fans explained to you in detail.