Make Your Home Lighting Green

How a house is lit makes a big impact on how the occupants of the home feel. Too little light and the mood is lowered. Too much light and the unwanted brightness can set nerves on edge. But the right amount of illumination can be both energizing and also relaxing. Homeowners know this and are spending more on illuminating their homes. That is why the global residential lighting fixtures market was valued at US $12980 million in 2022 and why it is expected to touch US $19844 million by 2028. Lighting up a home is easy and the homeowner is often confused by the choices available. While the way a home is lit is a matter of personal preference, It is important to remember that electricity is not free and that its generation has a negative environmental impact. Keeping a home green is a priority today and the best place to start is by keeping the lighting as carbon-neutral as possible. It’s not hard to do.

Use The Right Bulbs

No one buys incandescent bulbs anymore. But there may be infrequently used parts of the house like the attic, where the fixtures still have the old bulbs. Replace them with LED bulbs and not only will you save electricity, but because of the long life of these bulbs, you can forget about replacing them for many years to come. Remember to dispose of the old bulbs responsibly.

Use Recycled Materials

Going green is not only about reducing electricity use. Why not look for light fixtures and lamps that are made from recycled or natural renewable materials? This is a growing trend and because of the rising demand, you can find a wide range of lighting products that are really environmentally friendly.

Avoid Using Power Strips

If you have your lamps and other lighting fixtures connected to power strips, touch them when all the lights are off. You will find that they remain warm. That is because they consume electricity even when the connected devices are off. Turn off the power strip when not in use or get the new “smart” ones that do not draw power when connected devices are off.

Turn Off Lights When A Room Is Empty

It’s something your mom probably told you when you were young, but it’s always going to be a great way to reduce electricity use and make the home greener. All it takes is getting into the habit of switching off when leaving a room. It takes no time and involves no extra effort and the impact on your utility bills can be surprising.

Install Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights use roof-mounted light sunlight collectors to capture the maximum amount of sunlight which is then carried to the interior parts of the home through special high reflectivity tubes where elegant light fixtures diffuse the light through the room. Tubular skylights do not use any electricity and come with a range of great functional add-ons like dimmers, ventilation kits, etc. Installing these devices does not require any structural modification to the house and the job can be done in a few hours. Once installed, you have clear, controllable sunlight in your home all day long.
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