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At some stage in their lives, almost all homeowners ask themselves what they can do to make their home a better place to live in. The first thought is often of renovation and remodeling. That’s good, but all it does is give the house a new look – the health, safety and comfort of those living in it remains unchanged. Before thinking of major projects to remodel the house, why not consider improving the natural lighting and ventilation? This will not only improve the look of the interior, it will make it a healthier and more environmentally friendly place to live in. And it’s going to be more cost-effective – you will get far more bang for your buck. It’s not a difficult or complex course of action. All you need to do is get in touch with a natural lighting and ventilation company.

The World Leader

The internet is full of companies that project themselves are offer the best in natural lighting or ventilation products and services. But there is one name that stands out as being the brand leader. Solatube is a company known for constant innovation, using only the best and most reliable technology, providing the best customer service and offering state-of-the-art lighting and ventilation products. To learn more about why Solatube is the company that sets benchmarks for others to follow, visit the company website. This is a global business that operates in all parts of the globe.

For Those in the Bay Area

If you live in Alum Rock, Alviso, Aptos, Aromas, Ben Lamond, Boulder Creek, Buena Vista, Burbank, Campbell, Capitola, Cupertino, Cambrian Park, East Foothills, East San Jose, Felton, Fruitdale, Gilroy, Hollister, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Lexington Hills, Loyola, Milpitas, Monte Serano, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Paicines, San Jose, San Martin, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Juan Bautista, Saratoga, Scotts Valley, Sequel, Seven Trees, Stanford, Sunnyvale, Sunol, Tres Pino, Watsonville or Willow Glen, the best in natural lighting and ventilation is just a phone call away. Sunlight Concepts is proud to be the Premier Solatube Dealer for the Bay Area.

Daylighting Systems

Bringing more sunlight into the house has 3 big benefits:

1. It makes the interiors look brighter and more appealing.

2. The extra sunlight is good for the health of the occupants in terms of providing more essential vitamin D. Sunlight is also a natural disinfectant so the home becomes a healthier place to live.

3. The use of artificial lighting during the day is reduced which will result in lower utility bills. Your home will also become a greener building with a lower carbon footprint.

All this can be achieved without the need for messy and costly structural modification. Installing tubular skylights will bring natural light to even the most interior parts of the home. There is a wide range of lighting fixtures that will add to the appeal of the natural light. Dimmers, electrical lighting so the same fixture can be used at night and even ventilation options are all available.

Skylight Replacement

If you already have traditional skylights installed in your home, check their condition. Over time numerous problems can develop including:

  • Cracks
  • Leaks & Moisture
  • Fog build-up
  • Dirt & Grime
  • Weathering

These will look ugly, reduce the amount of sunlight entering the home and lead to the development of mold and fungus, which is not only unhealthy, they could also cause extensive damage that may result in huge repair bills. Sunlight Concepts’ skylight replacement service will remove your old damaged skylights and replace them with world-class made-to-measure Solatube skylights that will enhance the look of your home, ensure maximum sunlight entry and give you many long years of trouble-free service. Among the many features of Solatube skylights are:

  • Eligibility for Federal Tax Credit – save hundreds!
  • Solar-powered operable design lets fresh air into your home
  • High-performance dual-pane glass
  • Rain sensor automatically closes if rain is detected
  • Impact protection
  • Remote control operation
  • Maximum sound absorption 99% UV blockage
  • SoftLight Technology



Solatube has a variety of innovative ventilation systems that are designed to make your home a fresher and healthier place to live in. The range of whole house, attic and garage fans will blow stale air out and allow the entry of clean fresh air into the house. Not only will the residents be breathing clean fresh air, but the development of unhealthy fungus and mold in the house will be inhibited. As with all Solatube products, these fans all use cutting-edge technology and are made to the highest quality standards.

To get started on adding natural light to your home and bringing in fresh clean and healthy air, contact Sunlight Concepts. Call us at (408) 317-0510 or use the Contact Us page on our website. Ask for the free consultation which will give you all the information you need to make informed purchase decisions.