What Makes Solatube Tubular Skylights

Food, shelter, air and light are essential to human survival. Food has to be cultivated or grown and shelter has to be built. The air and sunlight are both free and available to everyone. We know the importance of keeping our homes well-ventilated – it is vital for both physical and mental well-being. We also know that we need light for the hours we are awake. However, because there are multiple sources of light available to us, we often disregard the value of natural sunlight and prefer to turn on a switch and use electrical illumination, even during the day. This opens the door to several issues that we subject ourselves to without even knowing what we are doing.

  • Natural sunlight has several health benefits while artificial light has none.
  • Exposure to sunlight is essential for the maintenance of our body rhythm – the natural cycle that determines when we should sleep and be awake.
  • Sunlight is a natural mood enhancer. While the effects may not be immediately perceptible, depriving the body of adequate sunlight can affect our moods and the way we function both mentally and physically.
  • Sunlight has natural disinfectant properties and by reducing the amount of sunlight in our homes, we are making it easier for unhealthy pathogens to grow.
  • Needless use of electric lighting contributes to global warming and this is today impacting almost all aspects of our lives.

It’s Not My Problem – Yes, It Is

It’s easy to think your house and your family are not impacted by such as minor issue as not getting enough sun exposure. The problem is that it is not a minor issue – nothing that affects your family’s well-being can ever be minor. And there is a simple solution to the problem. All you need to do is maximize the amount of sunlight that comes into the house. That may sound complicated, but it’s not. Yes, putting in more windows is costly and messy and may not even be viable. The same applies to skylights. There is, however, a third option and it is one that is clean, economical, hassle-free, long-lasting and can be installed in almost any home. It is called a Tubular Skylight. So much has been written and said about the benefits of these devices that going over it all again could be needlessly repetitive. In case you are not sure about what they are, click here to get all the information you need.

Which One

Because of the ever-growing demand for tubular skylights, the number of brands available is constantly increasing. And everyone claims to be the best. Pointing out the problems with a brand or manufacturer will only complicate the process of finding the best and add to the already existing confusion. Instead, it is simpler to just look at Solatube, the undisputed leader in tubular skylights and examine why it is simply the best and why it sets standards that others try to emulate but fail to achieve.

Solatube – Simply the Best

Here is why:

  • Solatube daylighting systems use breakthrough optical technologies to pipe pure, natural light indoors
  • Daylight is captured by a patented rooftop dome and transferred through the world’s most reflective tubing.
  • Solatube has developed Raybender® 3000 Technology using a patented daylight-capturing dome lens that redirects low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture to provide consistent daylighting throughout the day while rejecting overpowering summer midday sunlight to provide consistent daylighting throughout the day
  • Redirects low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture
  • Provides consistent daylighting throughout the day
  • Solatube uses LightTracker™ Reflectors- an innovative in-dome reflector that redirects low-angle winter sunlight for maximum light capture and increases light input for greater light output to deliver unsurpassed year-round performance
  • Specially designed fixture lenses evenly disperse sunlight throughout your room, creating a beautiful, naturally lit space
  • Interior-mounted solar cell panels collect and store the sun’s energy to power a smart night light that automatically comes on after dark

If you want to make your home a healthier, happier and greener place, all you need to do is Contact Sunlight Concepts, the Solatube Premier Dealer for the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer a one-stop solution to all your daylighting needs. From a full range of the very best in products and technology from the world leader in daylighting to free consultation to provide you with all you need to make informed decisions on installing tubular skylights in your home to quick, clean and efficient delivery and installation (usually in a matter of a few hours) its all available with us. Visit our website to learn more or call us at (408) 317-0118.