Bad Ventilation = Reduced House Value

How Bad Ventilation Can Reduce House ValueThose who lived through the COVID pandemic will carry the memories of those dark days with them for a very long time. The fact that it was completely unexpected and that it spread across the globe so fast is proof that despite the powers of technology and modern medicine, there is no way to be protected from disease. That said, there is a lot that we can do to make our environments healthier and reduce the risk of sickness.

It Begins at Home

 Like charity, good health begins at home. Keeping the home clean and tidy is the obvious first step. But what is often overlooked is the second, and equally important step – ventilation. Ventilation is vital in shielding us from airborne diseases like colds, flu, TB, COVID-19, and more. The increased awareness of the importance of ventilation in a home means that the market value of houses with good ventilation has increased. Prospective home buyers are now looking at the ventilation and airflow in a home when making purchase decisions.

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It’s Not About HVAC

If you are thinking of selling your house, you are probably doing some cleaning up and painting, and getting repairs done to make the property more attractive to build up the market value. Remember that today, buyers look at the airflow not just as an additional feature, but as a key factor in the decision-making process. COVID, or something else as bad, could come around again without warning. If it does, social distancing, wearing masks and the rest will all return. That is bad enough in work, study, social, and other interactions, but it could be both intolerable and impractical in the home. Effective ventilation will make the home healthier and safer for those living in it.

This does not mean major costs along with the hassles of installing HVAC systems or repairing/upgrading existing ones. HVAC is often essential, but it is not the first step. The basis of a good and effective ventilation system in the home is the use of a fan (or fans) to blow stale air, with all its toxins and pollutants, out of the house so that it can be replaced by fresh clean air from the outdoors.

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Whole House Fans and Attic Fans

Whether you are planning to sell your home and want to increase its value or want to make it a healthier place for your family, ventilation is vital. Two types of fans are essential for effective home ventilation.

  1. Whole house fans blow stale air out of the house so that fresh air can be drawn in.
  2. Attic fans that drive dirty, stale air mold, and moisture out of the attic.

Whole house fans and attic fans are not the same thing. They both have specific functions. The best fans are made by Solatube, the world leader in these products, using cutting-edge technology. Those living in the San Francisco Bay Area should contact Sunlight Concepts, the Solatube premier dealer for ventilation and lighting products. A free consultation is available where the functioning and application of the different fans will be explained and an evaluation of the house will be done to tell you what is the best fan option for you. Solar-powered Solatube attic fan installation will qualify you for a 30% tax credit. The use of these fans will reduce the air-conditioning load and so bring down utility bills. All this adds up to improved home value.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does bad ventilation affect my home’s value?

Bad ventilation can decrease your home’s value as buyers now prioritize good airflow for health reasons.

2. Why is ventilation important in a home?

Good ventilation helps reduce the risk of airborne diseases like colds, flu, and COVID-19, making the home healthier and safer.

3. Do I need an HVAC system for better ventilation?

HVAC systems help, but basic ventilation can be improved with whole house fans and attic fans without major costs.

4. What is the role of whole house fans?

Whole house fans expel stale air from the home, allowing fresh air to circulate, improving indoor air quality.

5. How do attic fans improve home ventilation?

Attic fans remove dirty, stale air, mold, and moisture from the attic, preventing these issues from affecting the rest of the house.

6. Are there benefits to using Solatube fans?

Yes, Solatube fans are energy-efficient, reduce utility bills, and solar-powered attic fans may qualify for a 30% tax credit.